Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Dogs Have Fleas


  1. :(
    I was sad to see this cartoon.

    The enemy attacks us enough.
    Must we publically turn on our own ?

    We need not give the Enemy any amunition.

  2. Are our leaders immune to criticism?

  3. Perspective.

    Given all the error that has been allowed to flourish within our Catholic ranks, this cartoon is more appropriately received as coming from a brave and faithful Catholic who rather than "turning on our own", is attempting to, while under fire from the enemy, rescue some high ranking officers who have been wounded or immobilized by the enemy's fire. The Enemy already has plenty of ammo and has breached the walls. And he's picking us off by the millions. Time to be brave and boldly go, under enemy fire and attack, to rescue our fellow troops, be they Generals or be they foot soldiers.

    What would truly be "turning on our own" would be to allow this enemy invasion of error and capitulation to continue to bring harm to the Church Militant.

    I'm Canadian, and I see the results of this error and capitulation, ie. the Winnipeg Statement from the CCCB concerning Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae. A classic case of mistakingly choosing to lie down with "flea-infested dogs". We've been paying for it ever since, with high divorce rates among Catholics, contraception being quietly accepted as a Catholic choice each one may make on their own, and the abortions of course, which are the rotten fruit of the acceptance of the contraceptive mentality.

    The helpful and informative information found on regarding this issue of contraception may give a clearer understanding of the situation in which we now find ourselves and our Church. That situation is what is truly sad. :(