Saturday, October 13, 2012



  1. Those little pebbles are not chips off the old rock!

  2. Great Cartoon !! Thanx.
    I think, we should have this in a German version, including all the catholic wanna-be church-modernizers, for exampla ZDK (CentralCommittee of German Catholics), Kardinal Lehmann (still thinks church is not modern enough), KFD (Catholic German Womens organisation) and all the Politicians, who want to reorganize our church ...

  3. Just one thing. It's "Catholic Church" no "Roman Catholic Church".

    1. Quite right; unfortunately, many Roman Catholics (Catholics who belong to the Roman Church) don't realize that the Catholic Church exists as a society on earth in twenty-three Particular Churches. Thus, the Roman Catholic Church is the Particular Church united to the Church of Rome as both their Pope and their Patriarch, and the other twenty-two Particular Churches (examples include the Maronite Catholics, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholics, and Melkite Catholics, etc) are united to the Church of Rome as to their Pope alone, which means they have distinct theological perspectives and Liturgical Rites; it also means that these other Particular Churches are looked after primarily by their own Patriarchs as Father and Head, with the Pope working through their Patriarchs to shepherd them except if their Patriarchs fall into manifest error.

      Sources: Orientalium Ecclesiarum and Lumen Gentium of the Second Vatican Council, Orientale Lumen by Pope John Paul II, Orientalium Dignitas and Christi Nomen by Pope Leo XIII, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  4. I love how easy it is to show some of the problems with Protestantism. Exhibit A is right in your comic: History is on our side.

  5. Why can't we have just one church instead of thousands of different ones? This is the sad legacy of the protestant reformation! It has so divided the body of Christ! I not a Catholic but seen we have ONE God, ONE faith and ONE baptism, WHY must there be THOUSANDS of different denominations?