Sunday, April 29, 2012

Straight and Narrow


  1. I enjoy your cartoons. I'm a little confused by this one. Is the SS Anything Goes closer to heaven than the See of Peter? Still it is good - I see the goofball can't get past the signpost !

  2. The converse is also true. When tradition becomes divorced from scripture, the church itself stagnates, withdraws from the world, and becomes insular.

    1. Could you provide an example of Tradition being divorced from Scripture? I'm curious what you mean.

  3. Anna, the "dips" in the water indicate he is going in circles, but perhaps you knew that. The See of Peter uses two paddles of Scripture and Tradition which addresses Theodore's point. A good cartoon, however I will add that I have found that the simpler cartoons here are my favorites. The Bible-Alone bowling ball is excellent, and my favorite of all time is the contraception cartoon with the bride hanging from a noose. A very powerful message that ought to be used in anti-contraception tracts and literature. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jeff,
    Please, let me know where you found that excellent quote from Papa Bene!

  5. PBXVI's homily in the Lateran Basilica (May 9, 2005) began with:

    “This day, in which for the first time I…sit in the chair of the bishop of Rome, as Successor of Peter….” Later in the homily, Pope Benedict spoke the words quoted in the cartoon above.

    Awesome quote for our time, especially given the glut of "experts" we are bombarded with these days! Not only those with degrees theological from Catholic universities, but the average Catholic Jack and Jill seeking to "enlighten" those poor rigid, obedient, Catholics "who can not think for themselves" but prefer, rather, to defer their feelings and opinions to the Pope and the magisterium.

    Catholic Jack and Jill want us to be more like the protestants and "think for ourselves", though they haven't actually thought enough to realized that we may have done just that — thought things through and studied and researched and thought some more, and came to the correct conclusion that our beloved Pope Benedict XVI shared in his homily!

    Ave Maria!

    Ken G.