Saturday, May 12, 2012

Call the Bishop!


  1. What's the shepherd's duty? To protect his flock from wolves. Another double-edged cartoon from the Sword of Peter! Thanks, Jeff. Your talents are certainly being used well and paying dividends in the Kingdom of Heaven while so many are busily burying their talents in the earth, afraid to lose them, i.e. the sad example cartooned this week.

    It's a frightening thing to think of all the ways we are willfully and greedily ignorant of the Truth and the consequences of our proud ways which run contrary to that Truth. All the Communions received, (or is taken the more appropriate word here) by proud little people who continually disregard His Holy Word. Publicly we have scandal; but less well-known is the constant onslaught of those contracepting, or living in adultery and fornication, or promoting the ways of the world and the flesh which are contrary to the Holy Spirit.

    It takes all of Christ's strength within us, at times it seems, to just wobble up the nave of the Church to be united to Him — Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. It can seem a sort of spiritual "running of the gauntlet" in some parishes! Still, well worth the abuse one might receive from Herod, or Pilate, or the proudest of the pharisees, in order to be truly forgiven and united to the Body of Christ. Kyrie Eleison. When we look for compassion in the world, what do we find? A misguided compassion that in the end refuses to share in His Passion, the Passion that is found in the very heart of the word "compassion."

    Ave Maria!

    Ken G

  2. Hang on a second..."call the bishop?"..."he's not picking up?"...he's the one HANDING HER the Eucharist!

    And what's this depiction of her receiving on the tongue?...everyone knows that's not how they receive it.